About Us

Insightr Consulting is a new type of digital marketing agency that aims to partner with your existing agency partners to maximise marketing returns. The business process we operate under, our services have been engineered with the single minded objective to help you optimise your digital marketing investments by using data from customer touches and voices by developing the programmes, strategies and tactics you have already had success with.

We have found in today’s economic downturn, marketing executives are increasingly turning to optimisation strategies as a way of growing and developing share of customer, we feel that the slowing economy can be a huge opportunity for executives willing to use structured research, testing and optimisation techniques to improve your marketing and develop a competitive advantage over your competition.

Insightr works with clients across Europe and Asia, through our registered offices in London and Singapore. We provide agile and dynamic operations that are designed to add value to your organisation.

The agency has a strong management team, led by James Dutton, a digital marketing veteran with over a decade of global experience in digital media, strategy, analytics and optimisation.

Where does that strange name “Insightr” come from?

Despite its strange spelling the name Insightr is reference to two terms that were designed to coexist and represent the way we like to work with clients.

The first part of the name ‘insight’ refers to the way that data is used to drive decision making processes for our clients, and that no decisions are made without careful consideration of outcome or expected results. The final part of the name ‘r’ comes from the statistical term “coefficient of determination” (see wikipedia) which is used to provide a measure of how well future outcomes are likely to be predicted by a statistical model.

In other words we feel that by using our insight, a strong relationship will be developed that predicts our joint marketing successes through working together.

The company name may be pronounced as either “Insighter” or as “Insight r”.

Please explore our site or send us an email if you want to start a conversation on how Insightr can help your organisation improve efficiencies.

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