User Experience Analysis with ClickTale to Save your Business Money

When the economy is in trouble, businesses need to find ways that will allow budgets to be cut. Marketing activities usually are pressured into submission, but smart digital marketers can respond to economic problems by addressing opportunities to reduce operational costs by driving business processes to the web. In order to achieve this marketers and eBusiness managers can look to usability optimisation as a key tactic for eliminating unnecessary sales and service costs.

Data quoted from Forrester research shows that better Web site usability leads to:

  • Fewer calls about products. One of the primary drivers of calls to the Land’s End call center used to be questions about product sizing and fit. By adding essential content about these two factors to its site, the company was able to reduce its call volume by 20%.
  • Fewer calls about the site. While some users call the contact center with product questions, others call because of problems with the Web site itself. Companies can eliminate many of these calls by fixing the issues that drive them. For example, Wachovia reduced call center complaints by improving the reliability, speed, and performance of its Web site.
  • Shorter calls for complex issues. Some questions are so complicated that they can’t be answered entirely online. Firms may not be able to shift complex calls entirely, but many have reduced average call length by enabling customers to complete some portion of their goal on the site before picking up the phone for agent help.

Since data shows that optimising the User Experience (UX) then we need to find tools that will help us analyse visitor task completion on the web to ensure that the process works as smoothly as intended. Traditional UX methodologies and analysis techniques are before the fact and based on general best practice (such as user centered design or focus groups). While both of these approaches work well in the planning stages of web experiences, it’s only when content is deployed in the real world that nuances, issues and problems appear.

For such analysis we need a tool that tells us more than traditional web analytics (great for high level analyses against business goals and to assist with segment planning for optimisations and tests) and is more tactile than survey based qualitative research.

At Insightr Consulting we recommend using a tool such as ClickTale alongside your existing web analytics platform (such as Google Analytics or Yahoo Web Analytics) to help observations and analyses of the visitor experience.

Key observed benefits of using ClickTale are

  • Behavioural Insight
    - reveal the mystery of what visitors are doing inside your website pages >learn more
  • Easy Deployment Process
    - you can set up ClickTale in just a few minutes > learn more
  • Virtual Focus Groups
    - watch real-time movies of your visitor’s entire browsing sessions > learn more
  • Rich Form Analytics - optimize your online forms to maximize conversion and usability > learn more
  • Aggregate Click / Mouse based Heatmaps
    - see where visitors click, where they look and how far down they scroll > learn more
  • Link Analytics - understand all visitor interactions with your links, fields and buttons > learn more
  • Support - customer support availability 365 days / year > learn more

What does ClickTale look like?

The ClickTale user interface provides three main functional analysis capabilities - individual user playback, form analyses and heatmaps.

Individual User Playback

ClickTale records every action your visitors and potential customers take on your website, which provides a virtual focus group capability to your user experience analysis. Recording visitors’ every action as they browse your website, and then watch movies of their browsing sessions. Movies can be filtered based on the actions your visitors take, so for example you can observe visitor who access your forms but don’t complete them - by watching how visitors interact we can discover problems with the user experience and then provide recommendations on ways to test and optimise that experience - this level of insight is simply not possible by using a traditional web analytics tool, which will tell you what happened but provide little or no insight into why it happened.

Form Analyses

The form analysis capabilities of ClickTale provide considerably more useful information from which to make optimisations than is possible using traditional web analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Omniture, because we are able to learn how long visitors spend in each field, how many fields are left blank, which steps of the form result in abandonment. Examples of results achieved from using the form analysis tool include:

  • 345% bookings increase just 4 weeks after installing and analysing
  • 50% reduction in form abandonments
  • 44% increase in site conversion rate


The ClickTale heatmaps provide a high level, aggregated view of the data collected through the individual visitor playback service. The heatmaps provide insight into how visitors respond, read and interact with content by providing data on mouse hovers, mouse movements and clicks to provide a really deep understanding. The ClickTale tool provides key advantages over traditional web analytics tool overlays, by providing the insight into the mouse movements and clicks on items that perhaps aren’t clickable on the site, like static images:

Clicktale Heatmap

What are you waiting for?

Clicktale offers low priced subscriptions to the service, which will provide a many times return on investment the first time that your site is optimised based on the data. A free, basic version of ClickTale with limited functionality is also available for basic testing of the tool before committing to the paid versions. Through our partnership with ClickTale Insightr Consulting are able to offer up to 40% discounts for annual subscriptions, starting from just US$59 per month.

Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel your plan within 30 days for a complete refund from ClickTale.

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