Singapore's first Web Analytics Wednesday event - what a success!

Last night I helped run Singapore’s first Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW) event (maybe not the first as I heard that a few folks had tried organising in the past..) and I was amazed and delighted at the turnout.

I’ve been planning the WAW for around three months with Hugh Gage of Engage Digital and Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar of Google. We weren’t sure how big the web analytics industry is in Singapore, we know only a few agencies in Singapore have dedicated digital analytics teams and that analytics resource in client business is typically shared with a marketing resource. We knew that a number of new startups in Singapore were focussing on analytics (such as clickTRUE) and that educational events run by Google had been a success in the past.

So, as we recruited friends, colleagues through meetings, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter we were hoping we might be able to get around 10 - 20 people interested, after all web analytics isn’t perhaps as interesting as say Social Media Breakfast. But over the last few weeks we’ve been watching more and more people sign up, in total across our various platforms we had around 130 people signing up, but we didn’t know if everyone would arrive.

Over 100 people turned up last night!

This is amazing! The Web Analytics Wednesday event is running in cities around the world, over 40 at current count - and based on Singapore’s interest this makes us one of the top 10 cities in the world for WAW events. Not bad for a little island!

I’d like to extend my thanks to the following people:

  • Derek and the marketing team at Google for sponsorship and event funding
  • Ali and the event team at All Events Group for organising the event logistics 
  • Gilbert Teo (@bertpix) for being our official photographer (more soon!)
  • Eric T Peterson for coming up with the event concept
  • Vinny and Hugh for helping organise
  • Everyone who turned up and showed support - you guys are the best!

A few of you asked to see the presentation that Hugh gave, so here you go:

We’ve got more sponsors lined up for future events, and we’re hoping to get some ‘analytics rockstars’ to present as we can find them… more soon!

If you want to get involved please let us know - we’re looking for sponsors, speakers and event organisers!

To finish, here’s some of the feedback from the Twitter backchannel:

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