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Marketing Sherpa and Insightr announce "Everyday Web Analytics" training kit

Today I’m happy to announce the launch of “Everyday Web Analytics” a web analytics and optimisation training kit that I created with Tim McAtee (Senior Analyst, Marketing Sherpa) earlier this year.

Registration is now open for the launch webinar that Tim and I recorded over at the Sherpa Store website. The training kit is being sold for the great low price of just US$147 which includes the following:

  • Online Training: June 25, 2009 from 2:00-3:00pm (EST)
  • Streaming Video of Online Training Webinar
  • Special Report: ‘Getting Started with Web Analytics’
  • Glossary of Web Analytics Terms by Web Analytics Association
  • Tool: Statistical Tester Spreadsheet

The vast amount of data available to marketers is staggering. The ability to make better decisions (and avoid
bad decisions) when you properly track, analyse, and test - is even more staggering. Put the data you collect from your web site to use to maximise results and transform your marketing programs.

MarketingSherpa’s ‘Everyday Web Analytics Training’ will walk you through optimised steps to set-up, manage and evaluate a ‘first class’ web analytics program. You’ll find no ivory-tower theory in this training, just practical and easy-to-implement tactics to improve your marketing.

‘Everyday Web Analytics’ training will help you get started applying web analytics to quickly and easily grasp:

  • How to get a simple analytics program set up
  • What kind of analytics program will be the best fit, and if any advanced analytics solution is needed
  • What common problems web analysts may encounter
  • Which reports are the most useful and how to approach data analysis
  • Successful tactics for choosing the right tests

It was a lot of fun working with Tim creating the video recording, and I think the questions Tim posed me were exceptionally valid from the perspective of today’s digital marketers, and will give those who are completely new to measurement and optimisation as well as those who have been in the space for a few years a really practical framework from which to begin a web analytics programme.

The web analytics industry is still relatively nacent, and while we’ve seen amazing developments in tools (such as those offered by Omniture and Google) we’re still finding that a lot of marketers and analysts are really struggling to make sense of all the data that is available - training courses like this, and those that are being developed in partnership with the Web Analytics Association (of which I am a member) are going a long way to help improve user skillsets.

I’ll be developing more training, and will be offering pre-built training modules for digital research, analytics and optimisation over the coming months, which will be based on the curriculum I’m developing for my digital marketing ROI workshops in Singapore and Hong Kong I wrote about recently.

So please head on over to the Marketing Sherpa Store and book your place on this valuable training course!

If you’re interested in learning more about how Insightr Custom Training can help your organisation save money by building valuable measurement and optimisation skills in-house, please contact us for more information on our training services


introducing Insightr Email Marketing Services

Today I am happy to announce the introduction of Insightr Email Marketing Services. After a month long review we have partnered with a leading email solutions provider (ESP) to offer a low cost, high value email marketing service.

This partnership has been crafted in such a way that we can offer a variety of services depending upon your needs, expectations and capabilities. To make things simple we offer three main categories of email services:

Gold: Full service email marketing. In this package we will work with your agency or in-house technology team to build out an email database, manage your email list (subscribes and unsubscribes) and generate segments, consult with your creative teams on best practice template management, manage email campaigns, perform campaign analytics and programme optimisation.

Silver: Mid level email marketing. In this package we will help you migrate your existing email subscriber database to our hosted solution, help you import existing templates, manage email campaigns, perform campaign analytics and programme optimisation.

Bronze: Fully self serviced email marketing. In this package we will create a fully self serviced email solution for your company, including full access to all solution services.

In addition to this we will craft custom email solutions based on specific requirements you have, based on existing services you subscribe to from technology solutions and agencies.

Additional features include:

  • Full integration with Google Analytics
  • Template management
  • List testing and spam filter testing
  • A/B testing
  • Fully featured campaign analytics
  • Multi-dimensional segmentation capabilities

For all packages pricing is flexible based on your volume, but we feel that the services our ESP offers is second to none and will give you all the services you would expect from a high cost enterprise solution. Please contact us for more information and to set up a meeting to discuss Insightr Email Marketing Services.

Existing clients can login to their accounts here.


IAB South East Asia announced at adtech Singapore, industry applaudes

This morning I was at ad:tech Singapore, and was delighted to learn that a group of smart minded agencies and media companies have been working together over the last few months to create a chapter of the IAB for South East Asia.

The announcement this morning (pdf press release here) is a real step up for growth, education and knowledge sharing for the digital media industry in South East Asia. Since returning to Singapore, and speaking with a number of companies in and around the region over the past few weeks I’ve come to learn that the digital media industry has grown significantly over the period that I had been based out of the US. Companies such as Eyeblaster and Omniture have both shared their impressive growth stats for their operations in the region, and this in turn is providing the industry with the infrastructural support it needed to grow.

I’m particularly excited to learn of the ambitious plans for 20 by 20, which aims to have 20% of marketing spend in digital media by 2020. This is a lofty ambition, but one I believe is not only possible but essential for the industry, given the CMO’s desire for increasingly measurable media.

Now that we have the technology in place, we have the consulting, creative and client servicing capabilities in digital marketing we turn to organisations like the IAB to provide some standardisation for the industry. Having worked with the IAB in the US and seen the great work it has done over the years to bolster and grow the industry, I for one am really looking forward to the following:

  • Development (and support of global) consistency in Research and Analytics standards
  • Industry Conferences (let’s bring MIXX to Asia..)
  • Certification and training of digital marketing experts
  • Giving industry experts an opportunity to get involved and collaboratively grow the digital media industry
  • Sharing and dissemination of Asian digital marketing research

Congratulations to the founding IAB SE Asia team, and I’m looking forward to getting hands on with the organisation with my experience of the research, analytics and optimisation space!


Digital Marketing Analytics Workshops in Singapore and Hong Kong (August 2009)

I’ll be running a 2 day workshop in Singapore (3-4th August 2009) and Hong Kong (6-7th August 2009) to share experiences, processes and case studies about using data to optimise your digital marketing ROI.

This hands on session will provide you with the understanding and experience needed to improve your use of data in website strategies, display and search advertising, email and crm programmes, experimentation and testing, social media and customer research.

The course is intended for senior level marketers who want to become more effective and competitive in today’s tough economic times. In the session you’ll learn how to ask the right questions for your agency analytics team to get the most value from their expertise, as well as gaining the confidence to increase the depth of your internal analytics capabilities to extract more value from your digital marketing efforts.


A few of things I’ll be covering in the agenda are:

  • Realising the power of hidden data in your web analytics tools
  • Learn about advanced analysis techniques that focus on business goals by comparison of multiple metrics & dimensions
  • Discover how to improve search engine & affiliate marketing via effective keyword & site selection
  • Comprehend the importance of latent conversions & conversion attribution models
  • Assess how to quantify your email database and determine the success of an email campaign
  • Examine how the power of multivariate testing can increase the overall performance & ROI of website strategies
  • Identify the most optimal way to get management buy-in for a continuous analysis & testing programmes
  • Glean insights into how social media analysis can be used in advertising campaigns planning & execution
  • Understand how offline campaign response can be integrated into the web reporting process
  • Discuss how to develop offline customer propensity buying models through quantitative analysis

Seats are limited at both of the workshops to create a more intimate learning environment so are likely to sell out quickly. For readers of my blog and twitter accounts I am able to offer a speakers discount of 20% on the S$895 early bird fee (a saving of S$179!) if you book before 1st July.


Please contact me for further information on how to get the discount.


The workshop is being organised and co-ordinated by the team at Pacific Conferences, please visit their website to learn more about the workshop overview and workshop agenda.


Hope to see you in Singapore on 3-4th August or in Hong Kong 6-7th August!


The story of the statisticians holiday

Three statisticians went to the fair, where they chanced upon a shooting game. Before long, one of them pointed to the game and the three of them agreed to take their chances. The first fired, missing the target by a couple of inches to the left. Immediately afterwards the second fired, but also missed, a couple of inches to the right. The third put down his gun exclaiming to the game owner, "May we have our prize". The owner seemed confused, to which the third responded "We want our prize, as on average we hit the target"

This story and others like it are great to share in training modules and when I'm presenting numbers to clients.

Think about the story of the statisticians holiday next time you're gazing over an unsegmented report showing lots of averages with no indication of outliers.

Google Analytics showing AveragesWhat do you do when you see reports like this? Do they tell you a story, or ask you to dive deeper to understand what is really happening under the hood?


Hello from Insightr Consulting

Hello there, and thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to see us. Some of you will be old colleagues, friends, partners and clients and others will be people I hope to learn more about and who will provide me with an opportunity to share my experiences and services.

I’m James Dutton, and I’ve been working in the digital marketing space for well over a decade in this still very young industry; I specialise in digital research, analytics and marketing optimisation. During these last few years I have been working across a wide range of industries and project types. My work has taken me from the creative powerhouse of AKQA London, to award winning XM Asia Singapore and into the red carpets of Ogilvy New York.

Having worked agency side since I started in the late ‘90’s I have decided to return to Singapore and setup as an independent consultant as the founder of Insightr Consulting. It’s a bold move setting up business in the middle of an economic slump, but then that is what Insightr is really about - helping marketers develop a competitive edge through smarter, more effective use of data for marketing optimisation.

Marketers have acknowledged that digital marketing is highly effective across all levels of the traditional funnel whether for brand advertising, direct and database marketing, relationship marketing and experiential marketing; the world has also recognised and feared the word accountability through measurable marketing. I have found that most organisations are well practiced at collecting data, from short term campaigns through to long term relationship driving programmes. Yet at the same time marketers are finding that there is too much data, that the marketing decision making process is not helped by data, rather hindered.

At Insightr we have developed a marketing optimisation framework that is intended to support marketers and agencies find ways to extract additional value in marketing strategies.

Winning through optimisationThis concept is best represented through visualisation, the chart to the right shows how a long term simple testing programme with very small improvements in conversion can easily compound to more than double a conversion rate (typical multivariate testing in practice can lead to conversion lift of between 20% and 120%).

In the context of your business what could a doubling of customer conversion mean to your bottom line? This blog will try to demonstrate our way of doing business to show how you’ll never lose with Insightr.

Welcome to our world, and we’ll look forward to doing business together soon! If you want to learn more, we’d love to hear from you.


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