Analytics Tool Administration and Configuration

Whether you have an existing web analytics platform, or are setting up for the first time, one of the most overlooked aspects of the process is the accurate configuration of the tool…

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Customer Segmentation Studies

Customer Segmentation is an analytical process whereby a market is classified into discrete customer groups that share similar characteristics…

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Digital Analytics Tagging and Implementation

One of the most overlooked aspects of digital analytics is the process of translating a measurement plan into tracking tags for your search, email, web or mobile campaigns. When done effectively this process streamlines the production process reducing overall project costs and provides marketers with the ability to access data and read the data that was described and documented in the measurement plan…

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Digital Marketing Analysis

The process of marketing analysis is determined by establishing a route to answering key business questions you need to answer about your marketing campaigns…

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Intensive Google Analytics Training (1 day)

With 4 years experience in Google Analytics working across over two dozen clients in the US and Asia Insightr Consulting is your partner helping you reduce your marketing costs through advanced and intense training programmes that will take your marketing team through the basics of account setup, data collection, configuration, reporting and analysis to reduce your reliance on external agencies for processes that can be supported by your internal resources. Our training is designed for marketing teams, IT resources and your project / programme managers. Our objective is to ensure you and your team is empowered with insight to help make better decisions from data in your online marketing.

If you’re new to Google Analytics why don’t you take a look at the introduction video which will show off some of the great capabilities of the tool for your business:


Insightr training events are held in exclusive locations in Singapore, upon contact we can travel to other countries in Asia. We have held on-site training at client locations in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, and are flexible for your needs. If your company wants to run this training exclusively for your employees (minimum cost $3,500) we can work on-site at your offices and help customise the training to the specific needs of your business.

Training Agenda


  • Web Analytics introduction
  • How Google Analytics works
  • Creating your account
  • Defining the purpose of profiles
  • Granting access to other users
  • Administering Google Analytics

Coding and implementation

  • The Google Analytics tracking code
  • Configuring pagenames
  • Rich Media and Event Tracking
  • Sub domains, cross domains and folders
  • The Google Analytics Cookie

Campaign management

  • Understanding campaign codes
  • Email, Banner, Search and Social Media
  • Integrating with Google Adwords
  • Accessing campaign reports

Tracking online activities

  • Tracking entry points
  • Tracking exit links
  • Enable e-commerce tracking

Advanced configuration

  • Why should you create multiple profiles?
  • Goals and funnel paths
  • Using Filters
  • Creating Filters
  • Internal Search Engines

Basic Reporting

  • Dashboards
  • Goals and Conversions
  • Search Engines

Answering questions from Data

  • What are the traffic sources for my site?
  • Where do visitors get to your site?
  • Where do visitors leave from the site?
  • What do visitors do when they arrive

Advanced Reporting

  • Properties of reports
  • Data management and comparison
  • Sharing reports
  • Custom reports

Segmentation & Analysis

  • Segmentation strategies
  • Filtering data
  • Analysing campaigns and conversions
  • Visualising data
  • Hypotheses and conclusions

If you’re already using Google Analytics, or want to simply get more value out of this great tool and to help save costs our 1 day intensive training is perfect for you and your colleagues.



Preparation of Digital Measurement Plans

A measurement plan (sometimes referred to as a Business Requirements Document) should be a foundation document for your marketing strategies, where all tactics deployed are aligned against the overall objectives of the plan in a way that helps us to understand how digital marketing programmes connect together…

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Reporting & Automation Solutions

The task of reporting on digital data is perhaps one of the largest investments you’ll make in analytics, but it doesn’t need to be. With careful planning the task of reporting on data and presenting in a easy to digest manner can be a straightforward process that doesn’t need to be costly and uninteresting…

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User Experience Analysis

Our User Experience analysis takes away the opinion from analysis of user experiences and uses technology to take a customer agnostic approach to site analysis through observational analysis combined with website analysis…

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Website testing and optimisation

In website marketing on of the biggest challenges that marketers have is in deciding how to make improvements, or how to take action from the data that is being collected…

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