Digital Analytics Tagging and Implementation

One of the most overlooked aspects of digital analytics is the process of translating a measurement plan into tracking tags for your search, email, web or mobile campaigns. When done effectively this process streamlines the production process reducing overall project costs and provides marketers with the ability to access data and read the data that was described and documented in the measurement plan.

At Insightr we have hands on expertise with all of the major email, search, adserver and web analytics platforms with insider knowledge on how best to install these tools so that you are able to get the maximum value out of the tool. We know the shortcuts and the processes required to streamline the production and quality assurance processes that will save your business time and money by minimising the effort needed to re-evaluate problems and issues post campaign deployment.

We will work with your engineering and code teams to ensure they are given the support needed to execute coding alongside other production efforts needed, and in doing so will act as your gateway between marketing expectations for tracking, reporting and analytics and the coding needed by developers to achieve this.

In many cases much of the effort required to add tracking code to a website can be minimised by custom configuration of the tracking tool that will add customer segments and data profiling capabilities to your marketing programmes. We have early adopter experience of coding with new technologies and have the know-how to effectively track in complex technologies such as AJAX applications or social media widgets.

In the example below, we show how a detailed tracking specification document (often referred to as a Solutions Design Document) will be adopted by the development team and translated into web code. In this example we see a snippet of sample code for an adobe flex application.

Example of custom flex code for Google Analytics

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