Digital Marketing Analysis

The process of marketing analysis is determined by establishing a route to answering key business questions you need to answer about your marketing campaigns. Such analysis may be ongoing (in the case of Search Engine Marketing for example) or as a one off (in the case of an Email Database analysis) - either way the analysis is planned to clearly define the question, identify ways the question can be analysed and to establish a solution to address the problem.
Our analysis capabilities operate across all digital marketing channels, and typical types of analyses that we may be engaged to work on include:

  • Website - in-depth metrics analysis to identify why key business KPI’s are under-performing and to hypothesise ways to reverse the trend
  • Email - database analysis to discover the underlying causes for decreasing response rates and increasing unsubscription rates
  • Mobile - to carry out an analysis of device usage of your mobile platform to provide recommendations on mobile site optimisations
  • Search - to identify poorly performing keywords and ad-copy and to generation reversal hypotheses to improve ROI of campaign

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