Preparation of Digital Measurement Plans

A measurement plan (sometimes referred to as a Business Requirements Document) should be a foundation document for your marketing strategies, where all tactics deployed are aligned against the overall objectives of the plan in a way that helps us to understand how digital marketing programmes connect together. By creating a measurement plan a business manager will be in a much stronger position to work with management to agree on budgets and expectations for campaigns. As a strategic document a measurement plan can be used to benchmark performance in reporting and subsequent analyses of your digital marketing.

Your measurement plan needs to be developed with your business in mind, in other words the metrics by which your organisation measures itself need to be customised to your needs. In the past many digital programmes have been measured by simplistic measures (such as page views, visits and visitors) that while easy to capture do not easily translate into key marketing metrics and do not help to answer the questions senior managers need to understand: what is the impact of this programme on our bottom line?

At Insightr we have been successfully creating digital measurement plans for clients for over a decade and have developed a process where business goals are captured and translated into actionable strategic documents. Our approach is lateral, we work hard to ensure that stakeholder requirements and management objectives are aligned to create a plan that meets the following criteria:

  • Has fully considered overall marketing plans and strategic / tactical goals
  • Has mapped relationships between metrics to provide framework for subsequent analysis
  • Is agreed with stakeholders and is easy to share within the organisation
  • Is well documented and clearly identifies sources of data
  • Identifies previous benchmarks and sets targets for plan goals

It is sometimes useful to think of measurement planning as a process, that breaks down your existing and proposed customer touches into a journey that is measured, analysed and optimised. An example of such a process is shown below:

Example of a measurement planning process

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