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The task of reporting on digital data is perhaps one of the largest investments you’ll make in analytics, but it doesn’t need to be. With careful planning (see Measurement Planning and Tool Configuration) the task of reporting on data and presenting in a easy to digest manner can be a straightforward process that doesn’t need to be costly and uninteresting.

Let’s briefly explore how we can make the task of reporting simpler through the leverage of the early stage processes offered by Insightr:

  • Rigorous Measurement Planning. The process of measurement planning provides us with a framework of metrics, KPI’s and objectives from which our reports will be created.
    With management sign off on the measurement plan, the consultant’s role is simply to collect the data that has been agreed upon.
  • Intelligent Tool Configuration. A recognised problem with digital analytics is that we have the ability to capture literally every single thing that one of your visitors or customers does, now while this data can be incredibly valuable for in-depth analysis, user experience audits and hypothesis generation it can be terribly distracting for day-to-day reporting purposes.
    Therefore your consultant’s efforts to configure your analytics tool will be focused on the proposed deliverables of the measurement plan so that extraction of key business data can be streamlined.

Once your consultant has worked to prepare an initial report, a follow up deliverable will be to find ways to simplify the ongoing process of data extraction, visualisation and presentation through automated techniques. Such techniques might include the following approaches (in increasing order of complexity):

  • Regular scheduled report downloads and alerts from the tool.
  • Usage of report template tools, such as Excel plugins to automate more complex reports.
  • Usage of data-warehouse features to handle complex data requirements for management within 3rd party tools.
  • Usage of a reporting API to customise data points for importing into a 3rd party reporting tool (such as Cognos).

Whatever techniques are applied, Insightr will be sure to ensure that the investment you are making in data is not heavily spent in the process of reporting. At Insightr we feel that reporting is the basis for analysis, that analysis is the basis for experimentation, and that experimentation is the basis for creating ROI improvements.

Examples of how different techniques can be applied to report design.

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