User Experience Analysis

The success of your website is driven by your customers reactions to the content and design, and whether or not they can achieve their goals. Our User Experience analysis takes away the opinion from analysis of user experiences and uses technology to take a customer agnostic approach to site analysis through observational analysis combined with website analysis.

The objective of User Experience Analysis is to develop hypotheses that can be rolled out into test ideas for improving the customer experience of a website. This is a much more structured approach to website improvements than more traditional techniques such as guided focus groups where users are guided along a path with prompts that reduces the efficacy of the testing being carried out.

User experience is usually broken down into four key areas for assessment:

  • Branding
  • Content
  • Functionality
  • Usability

By using a combination of survey tools, customer recording tools and website analysis tools we are able to take a holistic view of these four facets of the customer experience to develop concepts and ideas for making the experience the very best it can be, thereby increasing the profitability of your digital investments. 

Profitability improves when the experience works, this increases the propensity that your customers are going to convert - and this conversion equals increased ROI.

Examples of where we start with User Experience analysis

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