Business Solutions

Our business solutions are designed to help you better align your marketing strategy with your overall business goals set by senior management. We provide support to help steer measurement towards stronger KPIs and assist in delivering high performance marketing solutions beyond those already in place across the organisation.



We use web based surveys as a rapid research tool to help you understand your customers and your internal business stakeholders. Survey data is then analysed through custom frameworks to ensure clear optimisation recommendations are delivered. 

Example projects include:

  • Internal stakeholder “brainpower” survey to help integrate multiple departments and establish improved ways of collaborating and working. The solution includes survey design, rollout, data management and analysis. 
  • Analysis to Action “a2a” workflow and processes that reviews your marketing data to provide optimisation recommendations
  • Internal “utilisation” survey that investigates project execution across brand / agency to establish new workflows and communication flows to improve performance.



An independent, unbiased audit of your business helps to uncover issues that you may be unaware of.

We use the 4 stage audit process typically used by financial auditors that has been modified for marketing usage to ensure strict rules are followed for consistent inputs and outputs.


Example projects include:

  • Internal workflow audit to help you discover new ways of working and to identify bottlenecks in your current processes
  • Data audit to identify areas of improvement in data management across the marketing organisation



There’s nothing more exciting to us than gathering our clients in a boardroom for a day of structured discussion, debate and sharing. We carefully craft our workshops to ensure we capture clear insights on your business in a structured discussion framework for post-session analysis and recommendations

Example projects include:

  • Product development workshop where we will co-create new solutions to address your most compelling brand challenges, from acquisition through to retention.
  • Internal workflow audit to help you discover new ways of working and to identify bottlenecks in your current processes
  • Client / agency management workshop where we’ll review your current ways of working and co-create improved communications processes, for example briefing templates or reporting processes