We are the customer marketing company

Insightr is a consultancy that works with brands and agencies to deliver increased business value through customer centric marketing enabled by advanced technology and data. We are obsessed with your customers, because customer focused businesses are 60% more profitable. 

Our customer centric approach enables our clients across brand and agency to increase profitability by finding and retaining higher value customers, marketing transformation, improving operations and automating processes. 

This is possible by using over 20 years of award winning experience working for leading digital agencies across the globe and using that insight to craft optimised digital programmes that generate positive return on marketing investment.


CUSTOMER marketing

Driven by your business objectives, passionately focused on your customer and powered using advanced marketing platforms.

Our approach is based on a building a relationship between your core business objectives and your management KPI's. We translate this into customer centric solutions powered by connected platforms to help you increase operational effectiveness and utilise audience data that can be used to improve customer communications. 

We've built solutions around these key areas to help your business focus on priority areas where we can be of most assistance.

Our solutions are built on a principle of actionable consultancy - we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results that improve the operational performance of your marketing quickly. The 6 areas of focus are:


The 20 years of agency experience gives us strength in both sides of the business - agency management and client management. Our solutions framework is customised for the needs of brands who are looking to improve their agency relationships and marketing performance as well as agencies looking to improve their client relationships and profitability. 


If you're looking for support in your digital transformation journey or need help to evaluate technology platforms we've got the expertise. We're experts in making the complex simple and delivering quickly.

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We provide a wide range of digital consulting services to complement your existing business. Our agency goal is to help you improve operations and deliver exceptional results for your clients.

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