Values (and value)

Insightr believes that everything we do for our clients must deliver incremental value and return on consulting investment, this helps define our core values:


Value over cost

Value is delivered with a multiplier affect based on impact on their business, eg a $5k consulting fee can save the business 10x annually.

Knowledge Transfer

Client teams learn from us informally, as part of a collaborative team or by shadowing.

Delivery Speed

We provide rapid response and flexible resourcing with immediate use of required skills and experience to undertake the client’s task.

Specialist advice

Advice on processes and introduction of workflows into the client’s business as best practice examples drawn from industry experience.

Additional resourcE

Through our partner network we can introduce other specialist consultants and agencies without delays in further tendering, assessment and selection.

risk reduction

Our clients gain expert advice and the opportunity to reduce any risk contingency allocation based on such knowledge and experience.